Sunday, March 15, 2009

New York JFK Airport (Mar 6, 2009)

Time for another country, and as you guys who have been following my blog (all zero of them) would know that next up is UK. My main destination is Cardiff where my cousin stays, and I mostly will be spending family time. In between, I will try to cover as much of UK (and mainly Wales) as I can.

I am taking the flight from New York as I was getting cheaper tickets and thought it will be better to travel from here. Now I realize that this is not worth it. Getting from Boston to New York is quite cheap; I got a roundtrip for 25USD. The main hassle though is the commute.

I left at 1430 thinking I will get to NYC by 1900 and as my flight was at 2230, I would have enough time to make it.

But damn it all, I landed up in NYC Penn Station at 8.15pm. I literally had to scurry to catch the LIRR train to Jamaica. This costs around 7USD, and from here the JFK AirTrain at 5USD takes you to all the terminals. From Penn to Terminal 7 it should take you about 35-40 minutes, which is pretty decent.

The only issue is if you are running late like me. Luckily, I was not too late and made it by 9:15pm. There was absolutely no crowd at the check in desk and I went in dropped my bag and breezed through security.

Here I am now finally, all excited to get into the UK. Also, this flight will make me a silver member on British Airways. I am hoping that they upgrade me, like they did last time I flew to Bangalore. Business Class Rocks!!!

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