Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cardiff Bus Station (Mar 13, 2009)

Yesterday was a blur as me and Anu made it to Bristol on a quickfire trip. We started off late around 10ish, but were able to cover a lot as Bristol too is a walkable city.

We parked in a Park and Ride at Long Ashton and took the bus to Bristol Center as traffic gets to be a lot sometimes in the city. On the way into Bristol from Cardiff we looked up and there was the Clifton Suspension bridge. Built in the 1800s it surely is an engineering marvel as it hangs up pretty high and also for the times it was built it, it is an awesome sight.

This is the most popular sight in Bristol. From the city it is not easily walkable unless you are someone who likes to walk uphill for 3 miles. The bus numbered 8 or 9 from the city centre takes you there in 15 minutes.

The other sights are quite close like the College Green which is a park having the Bristol Cathedral (my 3rd Cathedral in 3 days – This is becoming more of a pilgrimage), the Council House and the Library in front of it. The Old City has a few buildings of Victorian and Georgian Eras along with the Old Vic which is a theatre renewed to life by Kevin Spacey.

We walked all of this making our way through the Quay. Finally a bit of shopping was done along Queen’s Road which has those small shops which girls love shopping in, and I was with one – I had to do it J It has something for everyone though. It was just that I had promised myself to cut down on shopping as I was buying too much back in the US.
There is the University of Bristol on the top of the hill and it is housed in a really nice looking building.

Bristol still has a lot which I did not see. The oldest Methodist Chapel, a few more parks, Experience@Bristol, shopping malls and the Cabot Tower to name a few. I had decided that I would be coming again to UK (mainly Scotland) next summer and I would anyway have to come to Cardiff. So a trip to Bristol was on the cards as it is very close to Cardiff.

I packed up my stuff in the evening and today morning reached the coach station for my trip to London. The tickets online till yesterday were at 10GBP. At the counter it was 23GBP. Note: Buy your tickets online, if not early at least the previous day. They will still save you a lot!

I had fun in Cardiff, saw so much, and met new people. Now I head to the city called London, and this I know for sure is gonna be a real good time. Time to catch a few winks of sleep – that is something I need to do.

Adios People!

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