Monday, March 2, 2009

Boski Mascarenhas (Jul 7, 1998 – Mar 2, 2009)

It is with a heavy heart and a sad face that I bid goodbye to my best friend and sister of 10+ years – Boski.

I never wondered what she meant to me, I knew it. She was there during the best part of my life, she saw me largely through my ups, but also was there for me when no one was. It is hard when you lose someone you love – you are at a loss for words. I cried such a lot today, for a friend who made me laugh so much – from refusing to eat anything remotely vegetarian, to sitting in front of me with the most saddest look on her face when she wanted my food, which was every time.

I tell everyone this, but this is a story which I will forever remember:

I tried my hand at cooking once, and I decided to do something very easy – Cook an omlette. So I took two eggs and some oil. The first time I poured too little oil, and then poured the beaten egg. It burnt to a crisp. So I thought – more oil. Poured in a lot more oil and the second omlette came out all watery. I was so upset, that I myself couldn’t even eat my own cooking.

But there she was below looking at me with her eyes. So I said – You want it? She just looked up. I put one in my plate, put the other in hers and both of us ate heartily.

True friends are like this, they don’t give a damn if you are ugly as hell or cook like an idiot. They still are there for you to make you feel good.

Boski, I will forever miss you. Jatin feat. Fat Boski (my favorite rap band) will be no more, but I know that you will still love to hear me sing as you have done for so many years.

Mickey Rourke gave his best performance in ‘The Wrestler’ and dedicated the golden globe to his baby Loki. I have not won any globes or Oscars, but just for making me what I am today – I celebrate my baby Boski.

PS: They have really good chicken in heaven, but you will miss my omlettes.


Dannon said...

I feel for you bro..she was all energetic and hyper even when we visited your place during new years not so long

anu said...

hey ... jats im really sorry to see about bosky i hope ur ok buds ..... i can understand ... all i can say is evry one has to go one day jats .. be strong ... im sure boski will be dr wd where evr she is .. i pray that let her soul rest in peace .