Monday, March 16, 2009

Cardiff Central (Mar 10, 2009)

Run Jatin Run! Leo just dropped me off at the rail station and I literally had to run to catch the train. These are the pains one has to face when the train leaves so early in the morning. If I missed the 7.58 I would have had to wait till 10am for the next one, and that is a rather long wait. Luckily I made it with 2 minutes to spare.
I am on my way to Haverfordwest which is close to a city called St David’s where I am headed. This is the city of the patron saint of Wales and has a cathedral which is on the sea shore and quite beautiful. This was what I wanted to see. The tickets to Haverfordwest were at 19.7GBP (Arriva Wales) for a return trip.

From there a bus number 411 would take me to St David’s which is literally a village (It is the smallest city in the entire UK and was declared a city only in 1995). More details in the future post. Right now let me return back to Bath.

A worthwhile trip where I did get to see a lot. I landed up in Bath Spa at approx 9.30 and headed to the Roman Baths. This is right next to the Abbey, a huge church building and the Pump Room. The visit inside the Roman Bath cost 11GBP with a free audio tour and I enjoyed it. It was a fascinating feature of how the Romans mixed prayer and leisure in the same building. Most of it was in ruins, but still it was quite nice.

I was done by around afternoon and soon afterwards I moved to the Circus, which is a courtyard with houses looking exactly the same from the front built in a circle. It is a good architectural sight and so also is the Royal Crescent which are buildings in the form of a crescent. This is one of the sights with which Bath is recognized and I had my lunch in a park in front of this majestic view.

I went back to the Pump Room from where a free walking tour starts off at 10.30 and 2pm. This was not the best tour I had taken but it was free, rather decent at 2 hours and so it is recommended, especially if you have not studied anything about Bath, and are totally new.

Met two American ladies who I was chatting with, and more interestingly there was this girl in the group who was smiling at me. Woohoo Jatin, your time has come.

When introductions were done she said that she was from Germany (Germans are very pretty – my observation). Then this guy two people away from her said that he too was from Germany, and all my dreams vanished. She and he began to bond and there I was all alone again: D

Aah…feels so good to share!

Finally, the Roman Bath tour tickets also gets you a free drink from the Bath in the Pump Room. This tastes like very heavy mineral water with sulphur in it, but it’s worth a try for the authentic Bath experience.

This is a city which is close to London, and if a quick break from London is what you need this is the place for you.

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