Monday, March 16, 2009

Cardiff Central (Mar 9, 2009)

I am so excited to be on the First Grand Western train from Cardiff to Bath Spa. I have heard so much about the European Trains and even though this may not be the Eurorail or the Eurostar, this still is Europe and I am on the train.

Last two days were mainly spent at home with my cousin and the kids. The weather was mostly dark and gloomy and although it never got dark till after 5, it still was not weather where you could go out in. On Sunday after church we did go to Cardiff Bay for a while. Ate lunch at Nando’s – a fairly popular chain where there was some good chicken.

On the way here we saw the Mormon/Norman Church, and also the new Assembly Center which was pretty nice. It had its ceiling made of wood, and it was a rather modern looking building. At most of these places we clicked a few photos, but could not spend any time as it was damp and rainy. Also saw the Millennium Stadium which was mighty cool and the Cardiff (Cardydd in Welsh) Castle.

Basically the weekend was rather laidback, in preparation for the hectic weekdays.

Today starts my actual visit to the various places with Bath the first on my list. This is a city with roman baths and is supposed to be a must see in UK. The rail tickets are rather cheap to get here from Cardiff – 16 GBP. I woke up in the morning around 7 and caught the local bus at 8ish. From my place at Cardiff to Cardiff Central it took me around 40 minutes. The bus was pretty full and I am pretty sure that unlike the US people prefer to take the public transport here. It was full of students and also a pretty professional crowd.

Here I am now around 9.30 in the train all excited. The train has already started to move…and wow it’s an amazing feeling.

I will post more on the way back. Till then its time to visit the Roman baths in England.

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