Friday, January 28, 2011

LaGuardia Central Terminal (May 1, 2010)

I am on my way to Columbus, Ohio. This is sort of an unusual trip as Columbus is not renowned to be a very touristy city.

It was in my fave book – 501 Must Visit Cities, and the tickets on American were for just 99USD roundtrip, except that they were from NYC, which is okay with me as I fly more from New York rather than Boston anyway. The last factor which prompted me to do this trip was that it was a very leisurely sort of trip which is rather different for me, and also will get me in travel mode before I go on the big bang European sojourn.

My place of stay after a long time will be a proper hotel – The Ramada to the east of the Columbus airport. So you may call it more of a proper weekend getaway rather than a backpacking cheapass trip (frugal would be the better word). Looking forward to the college crowd, and a good Saturday night out at a dance club.

Will keep you updated on places of interest as I go about, which as far as I can see are not too many

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