Friday, January 28, 2011

CORAIL to Marseille (May 19, 2010)

Stepped on to France soil at around 8pm on the 17th(Monday). Along the way we got a glimpse of the medittaranean sea beating along the Spanish mountain coastline. Also called as the Costa Brava it reminds me of things which I have still planned to see, and the beauty of these places.

The ticketmaster at the counter here at Cerbere spoke English, and we quickly got our tickets which we had booked through the internet on tgv-europe by handing over the credit card and the confirmation number. Then onto our first French train to Toulouse. These trains I must say are really fast and my experience was superb.

We checked in to the Residence Jolimont at midnight. This place cannot be booked online, and one has to drop them an email. We got a double bedroom for 33Euros a night which was quite a good deal. That night saw us sleep early.

The next day we headed off to The Capitole which is a prominent building in Toulouse, and right in front of it is a huge square with outdoor eateries and small markets. After romaing here for a bit we headed off to the Saint Sernin cathedral, the biggest in Europe. Also there is another cathedral – the name of which I forget and a gothic cathedral called Jacobin which is also worth a visit. Most of these are free to enter.

We walked along the river along the promenade and spent some time lying on the grass along the shores. Finally before heading home we got a shot of coffee in one of the cafes, and although quite good was really really small. Chawarma and Kebab was our take out for the evening.

That night we headed back around the general area of the Capitole. In the afternoon while we were shopping around the Capitole, which has quite a few pedestrian friendly shopping stores lined along, we had been to a puma store where the guy at the counter had told us about a place called 'The Wallace'.

Although a bit expensive, we had a good time sipping a Kir Royal and a bottle of 1492 argentinian red wine, and sitting outside under the stars.

This was quite a relaxing pleasent outing in what is pretty much a hectic trip and it felt good to get it. Toulouse is not a must see city by any stretch of the imagination but if you have to think of a day trip or are passing by, this city is worth visiting. And as an added bonus it is quite inexpensive for France.

Today morning we caught the train out to Marseille and as I am seated in this wonderful train, I look up at the french wine bottle in my bag and think of the places still out there waiting for me. Me and Nik were talking about our next trip already and with so many continents, so many countries and even the current countries still having lots to see – it sure is going to be a long journey ahead.

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