Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Montreal Station Centrale (May 17, 2009)

This bus is awesome…words fail me. The Orleans Express has a cup holder, power outlet, a tray for food – Feels like I am traveling in an aeroplane. I suppose that’s why it is so popular. Damn cool!

They run from Montreal to quite a few places, especially North-East like Quebec and if I am not mistaken to Nova Scotia also.

Continuing on from yesterday night I spent the early part of the night sleeping till 8.30 or so. Then it was time to get dressed and go partying. This was a big mistake.

I walked up St-Catherine and there were a lot of strip clubs, but I did not see any good dance club.

After that I walked up St-Laurent and there were a few of them, but most were asking for reservations or that I have a girl with me. This search took me from 9.30pm to close to midnight. By then I had walked St Catherine twice and St Laurent 4 times.

Out of frustration I entered a pretty empty looking bar, ordered my usual – Rum and coke and watched replays of the NBA game between the Lakers and the Rockets.

Not one of my best days if I have to say so myself.

Even one of the dudes in the hostel was snoring like crazy and it was tough to get any sleep. Someone woke him up – luckily, and told him he was snoring. I don’t know how that could have helped, but before he could start snoring again I was dead asleep.

Next morning I woke up and headed immediately to the Vieux-Port which I had been unable to do the previous day. It was freezing cold but at least it wasn’t raining. I walked up two of the Quays, and then from there walked to the Basilica. I had not yet taken a photo in front of it, and it had to be done.

There was mass going on in French, which I caught some 5 minutes of and then I left. There were a few shops selling F1 gear, but I did not find anything enticing. Also, the prices were on the higher side which they had to be as it was original Ferrari stuff. Anyway I will be in Italy next year and I will buy it from there!

There was a small café called St Paul Café (on Rue-Paul obviously, another very old street). Puneet has advised me to get a dish called Poutine and I ordered for it. This is a fast food, which has cheese, fries and a sauce on it. It is amazing, but if you are worried about your weight or heart, please stay away. I am actually enjoying the food out here; I almost lick the plate clean which does not happen in the US.

Fresh and full I decided to do the last remaining activity – A 2 kilometer hike from Peel Station to the top of Mount Royal where you have a beautiful view of Downtown Montreal (The city is supposed to be named on this mountain). Half ways through my legs were caving in. Somehow I managed the hike to the top, but for saner people there is a city bus which takes you there. The view was captivating, and I spent a few minutes enjoying the view and clicking photos. I wanted to stay for longer but I was tired, and more importantly it was getting colder and colder. I walked back and took the metro to Berri-UQAM where my bus was waiting. The Orleans Express runs every hour from Montreal to Quebec and vice versa, and takes a little more than 3 hours. The round trip rates are at 84 CAD, which is pretty good (considering the USD is stronger).

Today I decided not to take the pass for the metro, which was a good choice considering that I paid 5.50 for two trips. If you are making anything more than 3 trips buy the daily tourist or 3 day card, which saves you a lot!

I have to crib a bit here – at Peel station the ticket machine was not working, so I went up to the guy at the gate who also sells tickets. I dropped the 2.75 in front of him in the small partition between me and him, and he was like screaming something in French. After I removed then dropped then removed the cash, he says ‘Drop the cash’. I dropped it, and then removed my hand fully so that he could give me the ticket. I guess he was worried he may get the swine flu or something – I have no idea!

And now here I am – finally up to date with my posts. I will write soon when I get the opportunity. Also I have to write one more post about getting a Canadian visa. Till then – Au Revouir!

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Puneet Singh Lamba said...

Hey, don't tell me you didn't make it to Bar-B-Barn to try their amazing ribs!