Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Montreal Starbucks (May 16, 2009)

I still haven’t completed my travel post for Philadelphia and I already am in Montreal.

The best part of the Philly trip actually came after I left Starbucks. I walked to the Museum of Arts and it was a wonderful walk.

Initially there was a fountain surrounded by a lot of museums, and the Art Museum straight ahead. The walk was around half a mile from here and it has flags of pretty much all the countries on both sides of the road. And as you come near the Museum you get some really good photo ops. To the left is a statue of Rocky, and then come the steps.

I was tired and pretty dead, so I did not make the run to the top, but a lot of enthusiastic folks – both young and old made the run.

On reaching the top you are greeted with a beautiful view of the Philadelphia downtown and I sat there for a good half an hour taking in the beauty. There is a spot where they have also marked Rocky’s footsteps – so I can say that I did step into Sly’s shoes :D

After that I decided to have my dinner before catching the bus, and headed back to Sansom Oyster house near Chinatown , where the MegaBus terminal and also greyhound terminal is.

My luck with food continued, as this place had shut down for renovations and I ended up eating at a Malaysian restaurant called ‘Banana Leaf’. Pretty much the same good old Malaysian fare.

On the way there was this rectangular hollow block near a fountain with ‘Love’ written on the top. This appealed to me as also to a few more people and we ended up clicking a few photos there.

I finally boarded the MegaBus back to New York. I had a chat with a New York based lady and she gave me the directions to the Port Authority from Chinatown where I landed.

Times Square was choc-block with people at midnight and I was astounded. But this is the original city which does not sleep, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. I just landed in the bus…slept and woke up in Boston.

Philadelphia is a good experience and a must do for people who love American history.

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