Sunday, January 18, 2009

Atlanta Airport (Jan 17, 2009)

2009 is here, and I have decided to start writing this blog from my first trip of the year. I hope this resolution does stay for the entire year, and more years to come, so here goes… there is no harm in trying.

This trip is about getting away from the cold of Boston, and at -15c, it is a cold to die in. I am hoping that my first stop Charleston in SC will be much better than Boston (anything below 0 and I am going to hate it). Atlanta seems to be a nice place, quite sunny when I landed and the temperature just above 0. I am planning of visiting sometime this year as a friend of mine lives out here, and it is one of the must-visit cities in my list as well as the 501 list.

Note: 501 List is a book titled ‘501 Must Visit Cities’ and this is a book I have used to guide me on my trips. Obviously there are a few cities which this book misses which are a part of ‘Jatin’s List’. (Example: Any city in Alaska)

I will not mark Atlanta as done as I am able to see only the airport and nothing else. So this stays on my list till my next trip out here. Note to self: Plan Atlanta.

On this note I bid adios from the Atlanta airport. Next up a SkyWest flight (never flown that) to Charleston. This airport is filled with Delta planes – looks like it must be one of their hubs. I flew in from Boston by Delta and it is a pretty decent airline. The stewardesses were obviously aunties which seem to be the case with all the airlines in the US of A. I love Kingfisher.

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