Saturday, June 27, 2009

Greyhound to Buffalo (June 27, 2009)

I am off again, on my final foreign visit till I get a new US visa done. This time it is to Toronto, a place I had heard of a lot on TV when in India. I had thought the Olympics were held here or something, but I guess I am wrong.

Anyway, I am on the bus from Syracuse to Buffalo after which I will do the border crossing into Toronto. My trip involves a day in Toronto, partying at night and to leave early the next day for Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

Once this is done I catch the MegaBus – Sunday afternoon and head back to NYC, where I catch a Greyhound to Boston reaching at 5am in the morning on Monday. Yes, I am living up to my crazy reputation.

Also I met another wonderful lady by the name of Melissa, and she is very interesting. I have been having a few good conversations about India and its people.

I passed by Albany and East Greenbush on the way here and for people who do not know - I stayed there for a year, and the memories just rushed back of the Residence Inn and my project there. How times change – visiting Boston a year back was traveling; now visiting Albany is!

I need to sleep; else I will be not able to do anything later in the day. Melissa is already sleeping up ahead, I need to also. Good Night!

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